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TRekking Annapurna

Independent trekking guide

Nicolas de Kerkchove wrote :Namaste,We would like to thank and to recommend our friend Hem Adhikari as independent trekking guide ,also he has some porters his friends. We have been trekking with Hem for 10 days in the Annapurna region, among others we went to fantastic places like Muktinah, Beni, Kalopani,...He is a local guide from the Pokhara Valley and has the appreciable capacity to adapt the itinerary and the accommodations to your desires। Some guides will only take you to pre-arranged places because they receive advantages there regarding the food and the accommodation। As a result, you don’t feel really free. Hem will always take care of your own happiness before his own. Moreover, all the days we spent together he was smiling and taking care of us, same in the moments where we were all very tired. Finally, he will be able to adapt the itinerary according to the physical strength of everyone. Hem speaks an excellent English and is now a friend of us with who we stay in close contacts.Tina from Brazil, Patty from Peru, Nicolas from Belgium e-mail me

Serge Verliat wrote Feb 08:
I went to Nepal many times from 1980.I spent around two years in this country.I did some research in the Tamba Kosi area in human geography and anthropology.Last year I spent 5 month in the Himalayas and my road cross the road of Hem. 28 years. He is from Pokhara and knows very well the Annapurnas. The first day, he was quite surprise to work with a foreigner who can speak nepali. .. but he speak also a very good english. So you can talk with him about all subjects. I appreciate particularly his good contacts with every kind of people, foreigners, porters or simple nepali. We had very good moments together. This man is very friendly. Always happy with every day a large smile and a good feeling of communication. One more time, I come back to Nepal with 8 friends and Hem was our guide. He choose himself 4 friends who worked as porters and we had a very good winter trek. Hem was just perfect: He takes care about everything and everyone with the good distance. All of my friends were so happy that we invite Hem and his wife to join us to Kathmandou It was for them an unexpected and enjoyable honeymoon journey. Two month ago, I came back to Népal. I was really happy to meet Hem again and to give him an opportunity of work.... because he is now a father of a nice baby. I know all his family of honnest Brahman. I can recommand Hem to anyone. This man is reliable, honnest, friendly...Every body who can make a trek with Hem will be really satisfyed.Serge VERLIAT, 35 chemin Concession 97432 Ravine des Cabris.La Réunion. France.Serge Verliat e-mail me

Lindsay grey wrote: "I would strongly recommend taking Hem as your guide through any section of Nepal. He is safe, articulate, well informed and works very hard. My girlfriend and i completed the Annapurna circuit with him in October 2008 and were very impressed by his can do attitude. My girlfriend got altitude sickness at the top of the pass and Hem practically carried her down the mountain. As a doctor i was also impressed by his medical knowledge throughout the trip.. He is also very good at selecting porters who tend to be family members and are equally fun and enthusiastic. Email me if you have any questions. Lindsay Gray from Edinburgh

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Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal,
a wonderful land located in Southern Asia, between India and China (Tibet). Its terrain ranges from subtropical jungle to the snowcapped Himalaya, and contains 8 of the world’s 14 highest mountains. The best known and highest of all is Mount Everest (8848m), which lies on the northern border of the country. The world’s third highest mountain, Kanchenjunga, is also in Nepal.

Nepal is a country of amazing extremes, with three distinct regions – Plain, Hill and Mountain; five climate zones – Tropical, Temperate, Cold, Subarctic and Arctic; and five seasons - summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring.

The cultural landscape is equally diverse, and the people are very friendly.

What is Trekking?

  • Trekking means a journey to be undertaken on foot in areas where motorised transport is generally not available.

  • Trekking always refers to walking on trails; it does not entail cross-country scrambling.

  • Trekking is not mountaineering but just days of walking.

  • Unlike hiking which can be very strenuous, trekking is only for pleasure and exercise, although at times it can certainly challenge one’s fitness.

Trekking routes of central Nepal
1) Ghorepani circuit(Poon Hill), 4-5 days, up to 3210 metres elevation
2)Annapurna panaroma, 7-8 days, 3800 metres
3)Jomsom trek, 10-12 days, 3800 metres
4)Annapurna base camp, 10-12 days, 4130 metres
5)Annapurna circuit, 18-21 days, 5416 metres
6) The Royal treks, 3-4 days, 1730 metres
7) Sikless treks, 5-6 days, 3150 metres
8) Mardi Himal treks, 7-9 days, 4120 metres

In the Mount Everest Region
1)Luckla - everest base camp, 12-15 days, up to 5545 metres elevation
2)Jiri to namche bazeer, 9-11 days, 350metres
3)Tengboche treks, 7 days, 4300 metres
4)Gosain kunda treks, 6 days, 4610 metres
5)Helumbu treks, 6 days, 3500 metres
6)Langtange treks, 7-18 days, 4610 metres

Western Nepal
1) Lower Dolpo treks, 16-24 days, up to 3820 metres elevation
2) Upper Dolpo treks, 16-22 days, 5400 metres.

For any further information, don't hesitate to contact me:
Hem Raj Adhikari
Mobile no 00977 9846040895

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Pictures Annapurna

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